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Maple Property Management Group (MPMG) to use Gigglii Platform

Maple Property Management Group (MPMG) adopts Gigglii to manage work orders for the dwellings managed by the company. Gigglii platform enables MPMG to manage maintenance, construction and renovation projects, using the Gigglii Mobile Apps or Web App, gain competitive pricing through bidding and control work quality through reviews and ratings. “Previously, we had only one…

Real Estate Market in Toronto is Driving Demand For Renovation

As summer and spring season come to a start, many residents want to sell their homes because of this peak time in the market. During this time renovations also play a big role. There is a huge demand on house renovations – mostly during the selling time. Renovations are needed before selling in most cases.…

Gigglii introduces location based search

Location based searching has been introduced recently on Gigglii. Location based searching is a powerful tool and has many benefits to it, and combined with Gigglii’s interface, it’s a remarkable feature. By enabling and using location, Gigglii will now conveniently only show you professionals that are close by. This is a big plus for sellers…

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