How to overcome marketing challenge of starting a new business?

Life has changed during the past year due to COVID-19, and so has business. Schools and Jobs have become remote allowing customers to safely stay at home. This has caused many changes in business and has brought innovation in the way we do things every day such as home delivery for grocery, curbside pickup, virtual queues, etc. Marketing can no longer be done by posting ads on billboards, bus stops, and taxis, there are simply not enough people walking around to see them anymore. Many larger companies have focused their efforts more on digital marketing such as ads on YouTube or Google, etc. The drawback to these advertisements is the price – not everyone can afford it. Ads can cost thousands of dollars and while some may say it’s worth the money, not everyone can afford it. This is a great challenge for new businesses and causes a lot of businesses to become unsuccessful. One solution to this problem is online marketplaces. There are many online marketplaces in the industry today, one of them being Gigglii which provides some of the great user functionality in the industry today. Besides connecting with leads instantly, their mobile App offers good communication and finance management in one place. 

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