How I was able to get a summer job working from home?

Being a student and having to pay off multiple costs of housing and school hasn’t been easy. I’d tried to look for jobs, but I never liked the idea of going anywhere. I’ve always been more productive working from home because of the comfortable environment. I love designing objects on my computer and print them through a 3D printer. I had done that before but never had the opportunity to sell them or do a custom one. I invested $120 in a 3D printer and created a gig on a marketplace selling 3D objects. This freelancer platform is called Gigglii. I promoted my 3D printing skills and got multiple offers without much advertisement for my service. The astounding thing was that I was working from home and also using my skills to provide a service that I loved, while still earning some cash to help me save up for the education fees. Gigglii allowed me to create a gig in just a few minutes while promoting my service with direct communication and payment to my buyers and me. 

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