Renovating my basement

Renovating the basement apartment of my remote house was an interesting experience. I wanted to rent the basement to get some extra income. I knew for me finding a good designer and then a reputable builder was going to be the biggest obstacle. Little did I know, finding someone to renovate my basement for a sane price while performing decent work seemed nearly impossible of a task! I checked local newspaper ads as well as Google to find a suitable renovator but most either won’t respond or provide a quote way over my budget. Frustrated, I decided to try out a few other channels. To my luck, I ran into an online marketplace where I found several renovators listed with profile pictures of the work they had performed and very quick responses. The professional responded to my request within the hour, I was able to send him a few pictures of the area over the chat and he provided me a quote within the same day. The platform provided me with professionals ratings and reviews so I knew what level of service to expect. Previously, I have tried many online platforms but this emerging service, Gigglii was quick, easy to use, and provided me with full support throughout the project. Their iPhone App provided me instant updates on the work being performed. Would recommend you giving them a test ride at

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