Gigglii introduces location based search

Location based searching has been introduced recently on Gigglii. Location based searching is a powerful tool and has many benefits to it, and combined with Gigglii’s interface, it’s a remarkable feature. By enabling and using location, Gigglii will now conveniently only show you professionals that are close by. This is a big plus for sellers as well as they can now represent their business even if they are outside of the GTA area for products such as graphic designing or remote projects. Furthermore, you can also increase or decrease your search radius based on your location, helping you find those less expensive options that are a bit far away. As a buyer, you no longer have to be concerned with whether the service or product you’re interested in is nearby or not, Gigglii does this for you automatically. As always, Gigglii respects it’s customers’ privacy, which is why precise location sharing is optional. With location based searching, you can now buy with confidence and get timely service from professionals who are around you. Download Gigglii today, take advantage of their 6 month free trial at

Location Based Map Data Technology In Dubai

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