Maple Property Management Group (MPMG) to use Gigglii Platform

Maple Property Management Group (MPMG) adopts Gigglii to manage work orders for the dwellings managed by the company.

Gigglii platform enables MPMG to manage maintenance, construction and renovation projects, using the Gigglii Mobile Apps or Web App, gain competitive pricing through bidding and control work quality through reviews and ratings.

“Previously, we had only one to two preferred contractors for each work order that provided us quotes for work. In many cases, we were not getting the best service and/or pricing for the work. Now, we want to open doors to many other contractors to bid on the work and provide us more options. Gigglii offers us a good resource pool of contractors and an ability to manage work orders. The added benefit that we are seeing is out ability to manage multiple projects and higher visibility.”, says Saud Ahmad, President & Chief Executive Officer at Maple Property Management Group.

Since its launch, Gigglii is focused on connecting property and construction project managers with reliable contractors at reasonable prices. “Price transparency, credibility along with worker and manager satisfaction are the core values we adhere to.” said Mahir Warraich, Business Development Director at Gigglii.

Maple Property Management Group is a leading property management company providing unique & best quality services at a very reasonable cost to its valued clients. With the head office located in Concord, Ontario MPMG is making a difference in communities throughout GTA and surroundings by providing superior personalized customer service and building strong relationships. We strongly believe in earning your trust and respect by providing transparent services. Our unique non-traditional property management approach makes us different in the market.

Gigglii ( is a rapidly growing, innovative company that adds value through price transparency, competitive costing via bidding, communication, workflow and finance management along with quick payments. For any questions, please reach out to Rameen Tahir, Director of Public Relations at the email [email protected]

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