Voice-over Actor: A great part-time job

Being a Voice actor may be time-consuming, but it is a very rewarding job. Voicing over is as simple as reading off of a script, but it requires motivation, patience, and endurance. Doing voice and mouth exercises is vital in becoming a good voice actor. Some many publishers and authors publish and write books andContinue reading “Voice-over Actor: A great part-time job”

Discover your hidden talent as a Graphics Designer

Graphics design is an ‘in demand’ niche, but there are only 266,300 graphic designers in the US. While some companies have their graphic designers, many companies do not. This means that there is a lot of demand and money waiting to be made in this industry. Between 2016-2026, the graphic design industry is expected toContinue reading “Discover your hidden talent as a Graphics Designer”

How I was able to get a summer job working from home?

Being a student and having to pay off multiple costs of housing and school hasn’t been easy. I’d tried to look for jobs, but I never liked the idea of going anywhere. I’ve always been more productive working from home because of the comfortable environment. I love designing objects on my computer and print themContinue reading “How I was able to get a summer job working from home?”

Be a blogger, work from home and make money

The gig economy is gaining popularity. There are various and numerous opportunities available online for anyone who is up to the task! One of the more popular opportunities is to write blogs. Like most internet-based innovations, many entrepreneurs and business owners use blogs due to their marketing potential. Over the years, the adoption of bloggingContinue reading “Be a blogger, work from home and make money”

Home Renovation Demand in GTA

The demand for home renovation in the GTA is at an all-time high. People are spending time indoors due to the ongoing pandemic and as a result, are paying closer attention to their homes and properties. From kitchen renovations to building outdoor pools and patios in their backyards, Canadians across the GTA are renovating theirContinue reading “Home Renovation Demand in GTA”

How to overcome marketing challenge of starting a new business?

Life has changed during the past year due to COVID-19, and so has business. Schools and Jobs have become remote allowing customers to safely stay at home. This has caused many changes in business and has brought innovation in the way we do things every day such as home delivery for grocery, curbside pickup, virtualContinue reading “How to overcome marketing challenge of starting a new business?”

Why is a Freelancer Platform helpful in expanding your market reach?

When needing multiple services at once, contacting businesses directly through one platform seems easier than going through multiple steps on different platforms. The freelancer platforms provide an opportunity for enlarging communication and market reach to other businesses. A good platform allows professionals such as service providers, home renovators, daycare providers, and tutors to quickly andContinue reading “Why is a Freelancer Platform helpful in expanding your market reach?”