Maple Property Management Group (MPMG) to use Gigglii Platform

Maple Property Management Group (MPMG) adopts Gigglii to manage work orders for the dwellings managed by the company. Gigglii platform enables MPMG to manage maintenance, construction and renovation projects, using the Gigglii Mobile Apps or Web App, gain competitive pricing through bidding and control work quality through reviews and ratings. “Previously, we had only oneContinue reading “Maple Property Management Group (MPMG) to use Gigglii Platform”

Data entry

In data entry jobs workers update and maintain databases through entering new data and monitoring existing data. The key requirements are compiling this data and ensuring customer satisfaction. Small and medium businesses are always hiring people to do these small but tedious tasks for them. Data entry jobs are in a very high volume andContinue reading “Data entry”

Wellness Coach

Being a Wellness Coach can be an interesting yet tiresome career, both physically and mentally, not to mention fun. if you are a Wellness coach, keep reading. Having a good Personality is vital in becoming a successful wellness coach and getting those good-paying clients. Next, your experiences are what impress people and make no mistake;Continue reading “Wellness Coach”

Be a blogger, work from home and make money

The gig economy is gaining popularity. There are various and numerous opportunities available online for anyone who is up to the task! One of the more popular opportunities is to write blogs. Like most internet-based innovations, many entrepreneurs and business owners use blogs due to their marketing potential. Over the years, the adoption of bloggingContinue reading “Be a blogger, work from home and make money”


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